Automatic certificate generation is one of the best ways to level up your cluster

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Automatic certificate generation sounds too corporate and thus out of reach for the weekend warrior who hosts content on a Kubernetes cluster running on Raspberry Pis. Fortunately, automatic certificate generation is remarkably attainable thanks to Let’s Encrypt. …

Data Visualization, Mathematics, Programming

Brownian Motion in Multifractal Time

I must thank my good friend Daniel Luftspring for his contributions and guidance throughout the development of this project.

Short on the Assessment of Risk

At the core of the financial market theory, there is a large and unstable assumption. The assumption is that the risk of a financial instrument can be determined by its volatility…

Make web native coding a feature, not a bug

Microsoft’s VS Code has grown in popularity over recent years, which is attributed to the Monaco Editor. The Monaco Editor provides essential productivity plugins and features, including: autocomplete. These features are considered IntelliSense, which is a general name for any coding feature that assists the developer.

For a better understanding of an invaluable cloud concept

A cloud consists of ephemeral server groups called clusters and a proper way to allocate containers to the servers. A container is a way to package an application into a standardized unit, so that it can reliably run on any server within the cloud. Directing traffic from external clients to…

You’ll never look back

Rancher’s K3s is by and large the best choice for deploying Kubernetes to a cluster of Raspberry Pis. K3s is a certified Kubernetes distribution with a focus on IoT devices. After completing this guide, you will have a fully functioning Kubernetes cluster.


The only cost of entry to this guide…

A forthright guide for hardware and software

Building a Raspberry Pi cluster is a fun project for a technician. There are many ways to build a cluster; however, this guide will employ a single approach for both hardware and software to provide clarity at checkout and the keyboard.


Jonathan Scott

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